Yellow Belt

This is an introduction to the basic fundamentals of Ju-Jitsu. Safety is of vital importance at this stage. It is hoped that a student’s confidence will be enhanced at this stage. Students should become familiar with the Dojo structure and rules.

I. Basic Exercises.

II. Breakfalls. (Ukemi).

Forward Rolling breakfall

III. Escapes from wrist grabs.

IV. Escapes from front strangles. (Six escapes).

V. Cross Hock Throw. (Osoto Gari).

VI. Straight Arm Lock. (Wan Kan Setsu).

VII. Escape from a rear choke.

VIII. Breaking ground strangles. (x2).

IX. Brush, Grab, Strike.

X. Basic Stances and Blocks.

XI. Mat Etiquette.

Belt tying