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Cycling the west coast of Ireland for MS Ireland

I saw a map on Fakebook on Saturday 10th June which linked up some beautiful walkways and thought 'how cool would it be to cycle that?'. My next thought was 'I could never do that, I have way too much on my hands here'.

The reason I thought this was because for the last year and a half I have been unable to go to work or leave the house very much as my wife has been diagnosed with MS and I need to stay home for her and the kids. The poor girl suffers terribly and needs support in the house and doing chores, shopping, driving, taking care of the kids, etc. So I was about to give up on the idea when I thought NO! Anyone can do anything they put their mind to and I will find the support we need at home to do this.

I am going to use this forum to help those I can by raising awareness of the issues we face, hopefully helping those in similar circumstances and to raise funds for an organisation who can help others.

So I got up the next morning (my eldest daughter Chloe's 7th birthday) determined to pull this off. I put a post up on Fakebook to socially commit myself and hopefully find some others who knew a little more about it than I did. (which wouldn't be hard, I mean I haven't cycled much in years and don't leave home much at all.) The response has been awe inspiring.